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Why Y.L.C?

 Y.L.C is an innovative program designed to empower youth 13-17 with essential leadership and social development skills. Participants embark on a journey where they engage in dynamic workshops, team-building activities, and hands-on experiences that cultivate their leadership potential. Through interactive sessions led by experienced mentors, youth develop self-confidence, communication, problem-solving abilities, and collaborative skills in a supportive and encouraging environment. Y.L.C. fosters personal growth and empowers youth to become influential leaders equipped to positively impact their community and beyond.

Mentors and Club Staff


 Our dedicated two summer students, and our team of two experienced Drop In staff members will collaborate closely with each participant to empower participants in achieving their collective goals. Together, our club staff is committed to curating enriching opportunities and innovative ideas, ensuring that every participant's journey with us becomes a memorable and transformative experience that resonates for life long lessons and positive memories to look back on.



Camp Life


 Y.L.C takes place at BGC Riverview in our Kitchen on Mondays and Tuesdays, where we will be working with the Albert County Food Bank to create meals for community members who may be facing barriers with nutrition. We deliver food on Wednesdays and Thursdays YLC goes on trips! This will be sure to make some amazing positive changes in our club and community. 


click the link below to download a registration form! 

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